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brain injury lawyer

Head Injuries

After being in an accident or other violent trauma, head or brain injuries are often long term and you need an adequate settlement for treatment now and in the future, including loss of wages or ability to function.

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neck and back injury lawyer

Back Injuries

Neck and spinal injuries are common in car accidents and other types of personal injury such as slips and falls. Discover more about these issues and what your options are when engaging a lawyer to help you.

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ICBC claims lawyer

Auto Accident

After an accident, whether it involves a car, truck, bus, or other moving vehicle - you need answers, and not games and tricks from the Insurance Company. We have those answers, right here.

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DUI lawyer in Vancouver

Drunk Driving

Been charged with drunk driving, or just received an ADP or IRP driving suspension? You'll need to take action quickly to successfully defend your case - find out how, and how we help right here.

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