Auto Accidents And ICBC – Why Hire A Lawyer?

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If you have never been in an auto accident in British Columbia, you are probably wondering whether you should hire a car accident lawyer in Vancouver or whether you should just go straight to ICBC with your claim. Although you can approach ICBC independently, it is never advisable. ICBC is an insurance company and insurance companies will always try to be profitable by denying claims. It is quite possible that you may approach them and the assessor they assign you to decides to lower your compensation because they don’t think your claim is big enough.  The insurance adjuster’s job is to settle the claim as fast as possible for as little as possible – using a process called ‘meatcharting’ – sounds very caring, doesn’t it?

The other more important reason why you should call a lawyer whether you are at fault or not is that the other party can sue you and come up with all kinds of claims. They can say that it was your fault, fabricate evidence to support this and ask that you pay them damages. You may end up losing a fortune this way when you could have let a lawyer handle your ICBC injury claims.  If you’d like to know more about auto insurance in general, please visit this link.

Some people are confused about whether to hire an auto accident lawyer in Vancouver if they are not badly injured or their car isn’t badly damaged. There are 2 dangers to not hiring a lawyer. The first we have just discussed – the other party can bring serious personal injury claims against you. The second is that injuries that appear minor at the time of the accident can easily become a lot worse with time. Back injuries commonly end up like this. Sometimes you may think an injury is minor when you are suffering from slow internal bleeding. The first thing you should do after an auto accident if you are conscious is call a lawyer. They will take in the details of the accident and instruct you to see a doctor immediately to determine the extent of any injuries you may have.

Part of the reason that people want to handle their ICBC injury claims is money; they are afraid that hiring a lawyer will cost them money that they don’t have in the first place. The good news is that you will not have to pay your lawyer until the claim is paid. They usually get paid in pre-agreed commissions usually about 20-30% of the total amount that you have received which is almost all cases is more than you would have received without legal representation anyway.

Finding the best auto accident lawyer in Vancouver

There are many lawyers in Vancouver so it can be quite confusing to choose the one most ideal for your case. You want someone who has experience in dealing with auto accident claims. They should be able to quote how many such cases they have handled and how many were successful. You should also make sure that you are comfortable communicating with them because the information that you give them is what they will use to build your case.  We ensure the lawyer you will speak to when you call us at 604-256-5566 is both competent and experienced with dealing with automobile accidents and ICBC so you can be sure you are getting the best advice, and legal representation should you choose to retain their services.