Personal Injury Lawyer

hire an experienced auto accident lawyer to help youAccidents are commonplace in British Columbia; even if you have never been in one, it doesn’t mean that one isn’t waiting for you around the corner. Should you ever find yourself in this situation, a lawyer that specializes in personal injury and ICBC claims is the best friend you’ve got. What happens right after the accident and even in the coming months is determined by whether you hire a personal injury lawyer or not. Many people fail to have a lawyer ready either because they don’t know that they should, or because they don’t consider the accident to be a big deal.  Get your free, no-obligation consultation with a recommended injury lawyer based in Vancouver right now at 604-256-5566 any time of day.

If this is your mentality, you are putting yourself at great risk especially if another party is involved. For example, you may think that a little “ding” with another car isn’t something to lose sleep about, but what if the person you were involved in the accident is building a case against you? They may say that you didn’t just give their car a dent, they also got whiplash from the impact. Suddenly, things are a lot more serious; you may be facing an ICBC claim where you have to make compensation to someone from an accident that you considered irrelevant.

This is just an example of why you need a personal injury lawyer. Many accidents are much worse than this and they could involve property loss, bad injuries and sometimes even loss of life. Whether you are the injured party or whether you are the one who caused the accident, you must be ready with a personal injury lawyer to help you either get compensated or to make the claims against you be dropped. The two most common reasons why people need personal injury lawyers are wrongful death and impaired driving that causes an accident.

What does your personal injury lawyer do if there is a death?

Accidents that involve fatalities are not uncommon in British Columbia. In such cases, it is the job of the personal injury lawyer of the plaintiff is to ensure that the court compels the defendant to pay a lump sum cost that takes care of the needs of any dependents that the deceased had until such a time as they are able to start taking care of them.

On the other hand, the personal injury lawyer for the defendant tries as much as possible to argue to the court that their client wasn’t at fault. If the lawyer sees that this strategy might not work, it is their job to try as much as possible to argue for a smaller settlement.

What if there has been an accident caused by impaired driving?

In impaired driving cases, the personal injury lawyer for the plaintiff is to make sure first, that they can prove that the other driver was drunk and second, to get you compensation for your medical bills if there are any, and any additional compensation that may be considered necessary (such as loss of income).

If the personal injury lawyer is dealing with a defendant, it is their job to prove that the defendant was not drunk. If it is not possible to do this, they will try to argue for less jail time if necessary or less compensation to the plaintiff.

Other cases that personal injury lawyers can you with

There are many other instances when a personal injury lawyer is the person to turn to and all of them include negligence. Examples are:

• When there has been medical malpractice; although it doesn’t happen very often, there are cases from time to time and compensation amounts are usually huge.

• If you buy defective products, you can get a personal injury lawyer to sue the manufacturer.

• If you slip and fall in an establishment and you think the owner of the owner of the establishment is at fault, you can sue them.

• Dog bite cases are not uncommon and a personal injury lawyer can help you to get compensation from the owner of the dog.

When dealing with a company or a hospital, you should be careful to choose the best lawyers you can find. Because companies and hospitals have a lot of money, they hire the best lawyers and if you go with a lawyer who isn’t very experienced, you might lose your case.

It is true that accidents happen and it is therefore critical that you hire a personal injury lawyer today.  To get in touch with a top personal injury lawyer in Vancouver who will provide you with FREE advice on your legal matter and/or ICBC claim, call now at 604-256-5566, 24 hours a day.