Back And Spinal Injuries

Back Injury Lawyer in Vancouver – Legal issues to consider

Back and spinal injuries can be debilitating; they can leave you in pain for years and in many cases, people are not able to work sometimes for the rest of their lives. In you live in Vancouver and you have suffered such an injury through a car accident or a slip and fall, you should take action immediately by hiring a back injury lawyer in Vancouver. These kinds of cases are considered as negligence cases and with a lawyer you can get compensation for your medical bills and loss of income. Get free experienced legal advice right now from our back injury lawyer – 604-256-5566.

Many people wonder they cannot approach insurance companies like ICBC directly for compensation and avoid the cost of hiring a lawyer. The problem with this approach, especially if you don’t know much about Canadian law is that you may get compensated less. There are several things that lawyers take into account in order to get you fair settlement:

• The first thing they do is evaluate your case and see if there it has legal basis. They then advice you on whether or not you can be compensate as well as your rights.

• They get medical reports from your doctor to show the extent of your injuries as well as how much it has cost you in medical bills. They also factor in how much income you will lose and have already lost from loss of income. This assessment is what they will take into account to decide how much you need to get in compensation.

• After this, they go to the insurance company with your claim. The idea, of course, is to get you as much compensation as they think you can get away with.

• The insurance company sends an adjuster to do exactly the same thing your lawyer did – they check the extent of your back injuries by talking to your doctor, they find out how much you have paid (and may pay in future for medical bills) and they also assess the impact the injury will have on your income.

• The adjuster will also look at several other factors: were you in any way partially or fully responsible for the accident, have you made such claims in the past, were you wearing safety equipment such as a seat belt? All these things will guide him to the amount of compensation that the insurance company is willing to give you.

• If your lawyer and the adjuster cannot agree, it is time to negotiate. They will both try to come to a figure that they both feel is comfortable. Should they fail to do this, the lawyer has to take the matter to court. Unless the injuries were severe, this is not usually a good option for you – it takes time and rulings can go either way. An out of court settlement is always a better option.

• After the lawyer gets you compensation, you then have to pay him; in most cases, the lawyer takes between 20% and 30% of the settlement.

Following these steps, your back & spinal injury lawyer in Vancouver should be able to get you the financial compensation that you deserve.  Remember, if you need free legal advice for your claim or are trying to determine just what your options may be, call us now, 24/7 at 604-256-5566.